Aikido Center of Atlanta's Response to COVID 19.

March 13, 2020



The Covid 19 virus is now considered a pandemic. Since virtually every school system, college and university in our area is closing to provide “social distancing” to slow the spread of this disease, I have made the decision to suspend all classes and other Dojo activities, meetings, etc. for two weeks (from today until March 31) while we evaluate the situation. Please help us by reporting any health issues you or anyone you have contact with experiences during that period. 

Because Aikido requires close physical contact in a relatively confined space, we are particularly at risk for spreading the disease. We also share small dressing rooms, bathrooms and the mat itself. In addition, we have members who come from as far away as Fayetteville, Augusta, Rome and even Chattanooga to train with us making us a hub of activity for the entire region.



Practice at home. Set a regular schedule, dress out and do your warm-ups, stretches, breathing exercises and tai-sabaki. This is also an excellent opportunity to work on your weapons training. (I will try to arrange for people who don’t have their own weapons to borrow bokken or jo from the dojo.) Practice your suburi (practice cutting), shiho giri (four directions cutting) and kumi tachi (partner practice taking turns playing both partners). Jo kata and kumi jo are also excellent ways to hone your concentration and focus.

This is an unprecedented decision for me. I am proud of saying that the Aikido Center of Atlanta has been in continuous operation for 53 years without ever suspending training. However, as Martial Artists, it is our responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but also those members of society who may be more vulnerable. This includes our partners, our Dojo family and our larger society. Therefore, there really is no other choice but to make whatever sacrifice we must in this difficult time. Thank you for your understanding. Continue along the path and we will weather this together. The Aikido Center of Atlanta will persevere and return stronger than ever. 

Kennedy Shihan


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