Aikido is a Japanese Martial art based on techniques derived from traditional Samurai battle tactics. Developed in the early 20th century  by Morihei Ueshiba (known as O’Sensei), Aikido is a purely defensive art. Rather than meeting force with reciprocal force, the practitioner blends with and redirects the power of the attack resulting in the attacker either being thrown or immobilized. Thus, it is the attackers own force and aggression which causes his/her downfall. Because of this principle of “active non-resistance”, Aikido can be effectively performed even against larger, stronger attackers. At the higher levels of the art, it is equally effective against multiple attackers.

     Aikido is not a sport or a game. There are no tournaments or competitions. Rather, practice is conducted in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. Aikido is distinguished by a highly developed moral code which seeks to protect the assailant while simultaneously neutralizing his will and ability to attack.

     While Aikido is an extremely effective martial art, self-defense is considered the foundation rather than the ultimate goal of our practice. Aikido is path or “way” which, if practiced diligently, can enhance all aspects of one’s life.


The Aikido Center of Atlanta is a charter member of the United States Aikido Federation and has been in continuous operation since 1967.

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